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What Happens When I Get a New Roof?

10 Steps to a Brand New Roof:

So, you’ve signed your contract and you’re ready for a new roof. What’s next?

  1. Contract received: The process begins once we receive your signed contract and deposit. We begin the reroofing process by logging the information from your contract into your project file. We carefully note your preferred shingle color, brand, and type, plus any other pertinent information about your project. We’ll get the ball rolling by placing work orders and ordering your materials.
  2. Getting on the schedule: Once we complete our preparations for your project, our Production Administrative Assistant will notify you via email of your tentative project date. This should happen within one week after we receive your contract. Your roofing project date is contingent on weather, current workloads, and material availability. If you have specific deadlines to meet, we do our utmost to accommodate you.
  3. Safety information and tips for protecting your property:  Our Production Administrative Assistant will confirm your roofing project date about a week before we’re ready to start. The confirmation email contains important safety information and tips for protecting your home and belongings to help you prepare for your roofing project.
  4. Material delivery: Your roofing materials are normally delivered the day before your project starts. Most roofing materials, like asphalt shingles, will be loaded directly onto your roof. This is a noisy process! Heavier materials, such as tile and stone-coated steel, are stacked on pallets at the side of the house or in a portion of the driveway. Material deliveries take place from morning to late afternoon. Material deliveries are scheduled by our suppliers who cannot predict an exact delivery time. They will require driveway access when delivering materials to ensure they are loaded safely onto the roof.
  5. Tear off: On the day of your roofing project, our crews will show up between 7:00 and 7:30 a.m. The process begins by tearing off the existing roof. This is a noisy, messy process. We do our best to protect you and your home; however, the mess cannot be avoided.
  6. Roofing installation: Most roofs take only one day to complete, but completion time depends on your roofing material. A project manager will be monitoring the crew’s process throughout the day and looking for any issues that need to be addressed. His job is to be sure that the project goes smoothly and the crew has all of the necessary materials to do the job right. The project manager will also be available if you have questions or if there are issues that need to be addressed once the roofing is torn off.
  7. The finishing touches: When your new roof is complete, we make sure that any new vents are installed. We also paint accessories to match the roof.
  8. Cleanup and inspection: We’ll inspect your new roof within one week after installation to ensure that everything meets our standards. At this time, we’ll clean up any stray nails and remove any excess roofing materials that may have been left behind. Because we aim to reduce the number of trips we take between the project site and supplier, we order an excess of materials. These excess materials are often left behind. The materials that are left behind are not “extra materials”, they are simply there as necessary overage to ensure an efficient roof installation. There is no additional charge for these excess items, but also there is no amount credited to you if something is left over. If you would like to purchase partial bundles or leftover materials, please let your salesperson or a member of our production crew know. 
  9. Finalizing your permit: Your county’s regional building department will perform the final permit inspection. If your home is within El Paso County, an inspector from the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department will inspect your roof and close the roofing permit upon approval. If you are located within Teller County, a mid-roof inspection is required once we install the roofing underlayment. After the inspector passes this part of the project, we continue to install your roofing materials. When your project is complete, an inspector from the Teller County Regional Building Department will conduct a final inspection before closing the permit. Rampart Roofing, Inc. does not schedule final permit inspections and can’t guarantee a day or timeframe when the inspection will occur. We conduct our own, more thorough, inspection once the roofing project is complete to ensure that your roof is truly water-tight and all materials are correctly installed.
  10. Billing and feedback: Once your roofing project is complete, it’s time to thank us with a timely payment and an online review! Your salesperson or our accounts payable department will send an invoice to you based on the terms of your contract agreement. We love to hear from our customers. We take each online review and survey response seriously. Customer feedback is essential to us and we find this is a great way to learn how to best improve our company. Our customers can review us on several platforms. We’re on Google, Yelp, Angie’s List, Facebook, and the Better Business Bureau. Alternatively, we can also provide paper copy customer satisfaction surveys upon request.