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3 Signs of a Roof Installation Done Right

What to Look for: 3 Signs of a Proper Roof Installation

A new roof is one of the biggest investments a homeowner can make. It’s important to hire the right roofer and make sure your roof replacement is done correctly. Here are the top 3 things to look for on your new roof: 

  1. Straight Rows
    No matter the roofing material you choose, symmetry is one of the major signs of a correct roof installation. Your tiles, shakes, or shingles should be placed evenly and in straight rows all throughout the roof. However, in some cases, your new asphalt shingle roof may appear wavy even if it was installed correctly. For example, an asphalt shingle roof may appear wavy at first if the installation takes place during the colder months. This is just because the shingles need some heat to relax against the roof to form a seal. The issue should resolve itself during a sunny day or when warmer weather sets in.
  2. No Visible Nails
    When it comes to roofing, craftsmanship is extremely important. If your roof is installed properly, there should be no visible nails on your new roof. Some roofers may miss the nail line on a row of shingles, meaning they place the nails too low for the next row of shingles to overlap them. This leaves the nails exposed and can eventually lead to roof leaks. 
  3. A Clean Worksite
    Another major sign of a good roof installation is a clean worksite. Once the new roof replacement is complete, your roofers should clear any debris and tools from the roof and around the work area. They should also collect any nails that may have fallen around the property. If your roofer leaves trash or nails around the worksite, it’s a red flag that other aspects of the project may have been overlooked. If you have a new asphalt shingle roof, don’t be alarmed if you notice loose roof granules around your home. This is completely normal. Some shingle granules are not completely embedded during the manufacturing process and are easily knocked loose when the shingles are unpacked and moved around. You might notice some granule loss during the next rainstorm after your roof replacement.

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