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5 Roof Safety Tips for Holiday Decorating

The holiday season is here and many homeowners plan to install holiday lights and other exterior decorations to celebrate. Before you decorate your home, consider the following safety tips to prevent roof damage:

  1. Prepare Your Decorations

Before hanging your decorations, take a few moments to untangle your power cords and ensure that all lights are working. Replace any bulbs that may be burnt out. Also, only use extension cords that are rated for outdoor use.

  1. Protect Your Shingles

Never hang Christmas lights from your shingles. Instead, mount the decorations to your gutters or fascia board. Nailing decorations to your shingles can let moisture in, leading to potential leaks and roof damage.

  1. Avoid Using Staples and Nails

Not only can staples and nails cause damage to your roof and siding, but they may also require re-stapling or nailing every year. We recommend using light clips, which can be removed after the holiday season. These clips can be easily attached to your gutters and other areas of the house.

  1. Be Careful Not to Damage Your Gutters

Avoid weighing your gutters down so much that they become damaged. Strands of standard Christmas lights and icicle lights are okay, but avoid hanging large or heavy objects from the gutters.

  1. Carefully Remove Your Decorations

It is important to take your time when removing your decorations after the holiday season. Rather than hastily tearing the decorations down, which can damage your gutters, siding, and roofing shingles, take your time to remove each Christmas light clip holding the decorations in place. 

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