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5 Things That Should Always be on a Roofing Contract

The 5 Most Important Things A Roofing Contract Should Include

A new roof is a big investment. Before signing a roofing contract, you should be aware of all of the specifics of your project. To protect your investment and your home, you need to know what your roofer plans to do before the roofing project begins. Here are five things that should always appear on your roofing contract:

  1. The roofing project details: Detailed information about the work that is to be done to your roof should always appear on your contract. The contract should also contain post-project cleanup information.
  2. Roofing materials: Your roofing contract should clearly indicate your choice of roofing material. This should include the brand name of the roofing product and the name of the product itself. Your contract will serve as your proof of purchase in the future.
  3. Shingle or roofing material color: Equally as important as the brand and product information, your contract should include your product color choice. This will ensure that both you and your roofing contractor are on the same page before installation.
  4. Payment terms: Before signing your contract, you should have an idea of how the payments are to be handled. Specifically, your contract should contain information about your down payment, payment installments, and the final payment.
  5. Warranty information: A roofing contract should contain information about your roofer’s workmanship warranty as well as the product warranty. It should be clear that your roofer will meet the roofing manufacturer’s specifications so the roof will have a valid manufacturer’s warranty.

Your roof is one of the most important components of your home. Whether you choose to repair or replace your roof, it’s important to understand every aspect of your roofing project. Before signing a contract, always be sure that these items are clear and in writing. For more information, check out our blog post “The 5 Things You Should Always Ask Your Roofer Before Signing a Contract” here:

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