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Colorado Springs Commercial Roof Repair Project

How We Completed a Recent Colorado Springs Commercial Roofing Repair Project

One of our commercial roof maintenance clients recently called us for help with the needs of a new tenant, Zoom Room. Zoom Room is an indoor dog training facility, and they needed a new and upgraded HVAC system. While we don’t do HVAC work, we do install the roof curbs that the rooftop units or RTU’s are set on. In this case, the existing roof was an older standing seam metal roof, and the HVAC contractor was installing 3 new RTU’s and eliminating 1 old one. Our job was to have new curbs fabricated based on the roof panel layout and the HVAC requirements, cut new openings into the metal roof, install the new curbs, and repair the opening where the old RTU unit was.

The location for the new RTU’s was provided to us and we cut openings in the metal roof accordingly. A new steel support was installed by another contractor below the new openings. This is a structural standing seam roof, meaning the roof panels also serve as the roof deck. Once we cut the openings in the metal, there was only the insulation between us and building floor. As a part our safety plan, we cordoned off the areas around the new openings. Roofers working inside of that safety zone were protected with fall arrest equipment. 

Colorado Springs Commercial Roofing

We worked with our friends at LM Curbs on this project. We mapped the location of the RTU’s as it related to the layout on roof panels. With that information and the specs from the HVAC manufacturer, LM Curbs fabricated these beauties: 

We installed the new curbs with the high side running under the roof panels and the low side over them. Once everything was sealed and mechanically fastened, it was time for the HVAC contractor to install the RTU’s. 

Adam Esparza was the foreman on this job. He did great work and kept the project on time and on budget.

Adam Esparza

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