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Colorado Springs Slate Tile Roof Repair

Specialty Slate Tile Roofing Repair Project in Colorado Springs

Due to the enduring quality of natural materials, a slate tile roof can last hundreds of years. However, they do not generally last that long on the front range of Colorado due to our frequent hailstorms. Slate roofing tiles are not particularly thick, so they can break under foot traffic and large hailstones.  Re-roofing a slate tile roof takes a special crew and often a repair is more cost-effective than a new roof. But the beauty and longevity of slate tile roofing is worth the cost. Here’s a fantastic example of this product and how we were able to help the owner maintain the stunning beauty of their unique roof. 

Colorado Springs Slate Tile Roof Repair Project: Brazilian Multi-Color Slate Tile

When we pulled up to this project, the first thing we noticed was the amazing and unusual color. The slate tile roofing installed on this 7,270 square foot home is in Brazilian multi-color. It is a fossil-like slate tile that features a grey background with a range of colors including reds, oranges, and hints of green. Brazilian slate tile is one of the most durable and high-quality slates on the market. Slate tile extracted from Brazil also offers a superior aesthetic appeal with its extensive range of colors and textures. 

Brazilian Slate Quarry

We knew this was a special roof repair project that would take a qualified roofing professional with experience working with the material. Not only are slate tile roofs prone to damage due to foot traffic, but slate tile roofs are heavy. This particular roof weighs 700-900 lbs. per 10ft-by-10ft square! We needed to send our best roofer to repair this tile roof and treat it with the care it deserves.

 Additionally, when completing this slate tile roof repair project, the roofer had to accurately match the color of each tile. Every replacement tile needed to be distributed properly to maintain the same aesthetic as the original roof. This was especially important to keep in mind when completing this Colorado Springs slate tile repair project. We wanted to keep the beautiful look of the varying tile colors all throughout the roof to help the home maintain its stunning appearance.

Slate tile roofs are timeless and complement many architectural styles. It’s no wonder that these roofs have been a popular choice all throughout history. Their unique beauty is worth the time and expense to maintain. If you are interested in a slate tile roof or a slate tile roof repair, be sure to contact us at (719) 487-7663 for a free estimate. You can also contact us online here.