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Commercial Roof Case Study: Commercial TPO Roofing

Commercial TPO Roofing Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Shopping Center on N. Academy Blvd. | Commercial TPO Roofing Project

We received a call about a leaking roof above the corner unit of this Colorado Springs shopping center.  The unit is about 9,500 square feet. The building’s owner asked us about repair options. Usually, we can extend the life of a roof for years with our maintenance program. In this case, the roof was too far gone. It was an old, modified bitumen roof that had been coated many times. It was clear that correct steps of preparation for the roof coatings were not followed, and that additional coating would not adhere. The coatings were peeling and had cracked at most of the seams and a section of the roof had blown off in a recent windstorm. We advised the owner that further repairs would not be cost-effective due to the poor condition of the roof. We suggested installing a new TPO roof system.  Other surrounding units of the shopping center had already been roofed with TPO as well. We recommend TPO because the seams are heat welded and the membrane is extremely durable. 

Damaged Flat Roof

Because the roof was leaking in so many areas and a new tenant was scheduled to occupy the unit, we started the project within a week of receiving the contract. First, we set up safety barricades at the edge of the roof. Next, we loaded the new material onto the roof and set up a debris chute with a dump trailer for the old material. 

Once the material and debris chute were in place, we removed the old roof. This was done in sections due to weather concerns. We knew the plywood substrate would need to be replaced in in some areas.

Once the damaged plywood was replaced, we installed a taper system designed divert water to the roof drains. The roof has a structural slope toward the roof drains and this taper system is designed to keep water from ponding between the drains.

Over the plywood and taper, we installed Dens Deck. Dens Deck is a fire-resistant cover board that the TPO membrane adheres to. A coverboard like Dens Deck is used over wood substrates to achieve the class A fire rating required in Colorado Springs. 

Taper System

After the Dens Deck was installed, we began to install the TPO membrane. This is a fully adhered system. That means the membrane is completely adhered to the cover board with TPO bonding adhesive. 

After the membrane is fully adhered with bonding adhesive the seams are heat welded with hot air. This welding machine is called a robot.


This roof had many details to flash. 

There is an owl nest on this roof, it seemed like the owls were always watching us! 

Led by Adam Esparza, our team finished to the roof on time and on budget. We received this great note from the building owner upon completion: 


I wanted to express my sincere appreciation on the approx. 9500sf commercial roof replacement Adam Esparza oversaw on behalf of Rampart Roofing.

As I deal with hundreds of vendors across the USA, Adam left an impression with me I want to share with you.

Adam is clear, concise, timely and most importantly delivers.   His detailed documentation level is unsurpassed.

I would definitely recommend Adam and your company to other commercial property owners in Colorado.

Building Owner

This new roof is free of leaks and will last for many years to come. If you’re tired of building roof leaks, constant complaints, and interior issues, call us today for a commercial roofing evaluation and estimate at (719) 487-7663 or contact us online