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Common TPO Roofing Problems

3 Most Common TPO Roofing Problems to Watch Out For

TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) roofing is a lightweight and flexible single-ply membrane flat roofing material. This type of roof commonly appears on commercial buildings. While it is a popular and economical choice for commercial building owners, each roofing system has its drawbacks. Here are three of the most common TPO roof system issues to watch for: 

  1. Punctured roof membrane: While TPO roofing systems are flexible, they are prone to puncturing. Heavy foot traffic is a common cause of puncturing in TPO roofs. Other factors like overhanging tree branches, hail, and sharp or heavy tools can cause damage to the roof membrane as well. If you or any maintenance crews must walk on your TPO roof, exercise caution and use protective mats when possible.
  2. Sun damage and deterioration: TPO roofing requires the usage of adhesives during installation. These adhesives are susceptible to deterioration from heat and UV rays. TPO roof deterioration from sun damage can lead to other issues including roof leaks especially if the seams separate. Furthermore, another issue to look out for is shrinkage. As your roof is exposed to excessive heat during the summer months, the membrane can shrink and warp. Cracks and damaged adhesive can lead to roof leaks and can affect the energy efficiency of your commercial building.
  3. Improper installation: It’s crucial to hire a skilled and trustworthy contractor to install your TPO roof. Improper TPO roof installation leads to leakage, long-term problems, and a shorter roof lifespan overall. Roofing contractors must be careful to cut the materials and weld the seams properly to prevent roofing system failure. 

TPO roofing is a popular choice for commercial building owners due to its efficiency and affordability. Care for your TPO roof by minimizing foot traffic and be aware of the environmental hazards that lead to damage. We recommend scheduling a routine roof inspection every year to maintain your flat roofing system. Be sure to give us a call at 719-487-7663 or contact us online to schedule your free assessment today. Our experienced commercial roofers have been serving Colorado Springs for over 13 years.