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How to Cut Energy Costs with Roofing

Your roof defends your home against sweltering summer heat and icy winter air. If your roof is not properly maintained and energy-efficient, your heating and cooling bills can quite literally go through the roof! According to Energy Star Americans use one-sixth of all energy produced in the country ($40 billion yearly) on cooling costs alone.  With numbers like that, it’s undoubtedly important to consider energy conservation and how your roof can affect your utility costs. Whether you decide to repair your existing roof or replace it entirely, your roof can help you use less energy and lower your utility bills. Here are some tips and pieces of advice to keep in mind:    

Choose your roofing materials carefully. For example, some asphalt shingle manufacturers, like Malarkey Roofing Products, use cool roofing granules that reflect solar UV radiation rays. Roofing that is UV-resistant absorbs less heat, keeping your home cool during summer. Metal roofing, like DECRA stone-coated steel, can also help increase the energy efficiency of your roof by 48.7% to 218%. Boral tile roofing also presents a multitude of excellent energy-conserving roof material options. All Boral roofing lines meet or exceed Energy Star’s recommended roof reflectivity threshold which can reduce your average cooling needs by 10-15 percent. Additionally, you may also consider special coatings. Silicone roof coatings are 93% reflective and can help reduce utility costs.

Although not directly a part of your roof structure, you can conserve energy and save money with solar-powered attic fans.  These quiet and efficient fans are completely free of cost to operate and can help cool a home during warmer months. Solar-powered attic fans can help you reduce your air conditioning costs. Unlike attic vents that simply allow for airflow, solar-powered attic fans actively pull warm air out of the attic. As the warm air is pulled from the attic, cool air is allowed to move through, keeping your home cool and comfortable. Solar-powered attic fans can also help you protect your home during winter. These fans balance exterior and interior temperatures and prevent roof damage caused by ice buildup. For more information about solar-powered attic fans, visit

Is your home drafty? If you experience drafts or cold spots in your home during the cool weather months, your roof may have an air leak. Drafts that go uncontrolled make your home uncomfortable and can account for a large portion of a home’s energy use as heat is allowed to escape. Have a professional roofer carefully inspect your roof for any spots where air may be able to leak. Roof repairs or replacements can stop and prevent drafts and astronomical energy costs.

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