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Is your roof ready for Halloween or are you still haunted by hail damage?

Is Your Roof Ready for Halloween?

Is your roof Halloween ready or are you still haunted by hail damage?

Does your home need a roof repair? With winter weather quickly approaching (and already here in some areas), fall is the perfect time to schedule a free roof inspection. As temperatures continue to drop, keep in mind that preventative roof maintenance will help you save money and protect your home from harsh weather.

Is it time to schedule a roof inspection? Here are some things to consider:

Scare roof leaks away: Are you missing shingles, roof tiles, or does your roof have damaged flashing? Your roof protects you and your home from frightful weather. Wind, rain, snow, and ice cause roof damage. Repairing any roof leaks now will prevent small problems from haunting you later!

Hearing noises? Openings in your roof can let squirrels, raccoons, birds, insects, and spiders into your home. If you hear something spooky crawling in the attic above, it’s time to have your roof inspected. Roof repairs and replacements can help solve this issue and prevent unwanted guests from damaging your home.

Does your home feel haunted? Mysterious drafts and cold spots in your home can be the result of air leaks. Have your roof inspected and repaired now to eliminate drafts and prevent frightening energy bills from appearing in the future.

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Have a safe and happy Halloween!