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Should I Get a Roof Repair or Full Roof Replacement?

Should I Repair or Replace My Roof?

 A sturdy and well-maintained roof will protect your home from the elements for years to come. Part of regular roof maintenance may include roof repairs to keep your roof in good condition and free of leaks. You may also opt for a new roof instead, especially if your roof is older or has a problematic past. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to replace or repair your roof: 

  1. The age of your roof: Every roofing material has a different lifespan. Some roofs are just too old and far gone to continue repairing. Depending on the material, your roof could be nearing its expiration date or it could last decades longer. For example, in Colorado, most asphalt shingle roofs last about 7 years due to hail and other storm related issues but can last far longer if not impacted by storm damage. Clay or concrete roofs last an average of 50 years without storm damage. If you are unsure of your roof’s expected lifespan, check out our roofing material comparison chart here.
  2. How long do you plan to stay in your home? A new roof can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. If you are planning to sell your home soon, a full roof replacement is something to consider to attract potential buyers. However, if you plan to stay in your home for a long time, roof repairs may be sufficient. If that is the case, we suggest regular roof inspections as a part of your annual home maintenance routine. That way, your roofer can catch and repair any issues that may arise before they become more damaging and costly in the future.  
  3. Consider the type of roof: When it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, you should take your roof type into consideration. For example, you could need a replacement roof tile that is no longer manufactured so a replacement tile may be difficult or impossible to obtain. In that case, a full replacement may be the only option to correctly repair your roof for aesthetic reasons. Asphalt shingles can also be discontinued as well, or the color you have on your roof may not have a close match that’s available. Certain types of roofing also connect to the roof in a way that would require removing a section of the roofing rather than just the one spot where the roofing problem exists. Finding out what’s best for the roofing type is important.
  4. The condition of your roof: A roof repair is often the most cost-effective way to extend the lifetime of your roof. However, if your roof is beginning to show age and deterioration through curling or loose shingles, sagging, exposed nail heads, or granule loss, a simple repair won’t be cost effective. If your roof has extensive damage or deterioration, continued repairs may end up costing as much as a full replacement. An experienced roofing contractor will be able to help you determine whether a repair or full replacement is the best option and is truly the most cost effective.  
  5. The pros and cons of repairing or replacing your roof: A roof repair is often a good option for homeowners. A lot of times, a repair is all that’s needed to extend the lifetime of a roof. However, if your roof has extensive damage or deterioration, continued repairs may end up costing as much as a full replacement. If you choose a full roof replacement, the initial cost will be higher, but you could save money because a new roof will last longer. If your roof is leaking or has a history of continuous leaks, a roof replacement is a reliable way to put an end to the roof leaks and water damage. It’s a good idea to have a professional roofer assess the condition of your roof to make recommendations as to whether you should repair or replace your roof.

There are several factors to take into consideration when deciding to repair or replace your roof. Roof repairs and full roof replacements are both good options for homeowners looking to protect their biggest investment. As a part of home maintenance, it’s a good idea to request regular roof inspections. Give us a call at (719) 487-7663 to schedule your roofing assessment today. Our experts will help you make the best decision based on your unique situation. You can also contact us online to schedule and appointment here.