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Should I Pay My Roofer Before Building Department Inspection?

4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Need to Wait for Final Inspection to Pay Your Roofer

You may be concerned that your roofer requires full payment without a final inspection for permit closure being completed. Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t need to wait for this if you’ve hired a good roofing contractor.

Should I wait until the building department finalizes my permit before paying my bill?

If you’ve hired Rampart Roofing, we’ve covered this question in our contract with you. We clearly state that our company will “Provide a building permit and warrant that our work will pass inspection.” This means that any issues reported by an inspector to us are covered by your contract. Our contracts make a clear statement about when payment is due, and this is not dependent on a finalized roofing permit.

What if a roofing company doesn’t take care of a failed roofing inspection?

Not only does this damage our reputation with you as our customer, but it also costs money and causes other issues.  If a permit is not marked as “Complete” it will eventually expire and then it must be re-opened after fees are paid in order for a follow-up inspection to be scheduled. An open permit also shows up during a home closing process and must be cleared for a new home title to be issued. 

But doesn’t my roof need to be inspected to be sure it’s done correctly? 

Absolutely!  However, the building department only looks for code related items to be sure that the roofing contractor has met their basic requirements. Our production team does an inspection of the completed project as well and checks everything on the roof to be sure it is not only up to code but is installed correctly per the manufacturer’s specifications. We inspect for a correct installation so we can warrant that there will be no leaks or problems in the future. We not only want it to pass inspection, but we want the project to be done right!

Why won’t a roofing company wait for the permit inspection to get paid?

Unfortunately, we do not have control over when a permit inspection will occur. The Pikes Peak Regional Building Department will occasionally complete an inspection at the request of a homeowner if it is holding up a real estate closing. But there is no ability currently to request any specific inspection date or time. Historically, permit final inspections can take anywhere from 3 days to 6 months to complete depending on the current workload of the department. In the past few years, the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department created links on their website for homeowners to check the status of the inspection.—search permits by address

When you sign a contract with Rampart Roofing, you can be assured that your roof will be done right. If you have any questions about your contract or our billing policies, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our office by calling (719) 487-7663 or email us here.