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What is a Roof Certification and Why Should I Get One?

All About Roof Certifications

If you are looking to put your home on the market, a roof certification is a great way to give your home buyers peace of mind. Here are a few things to know about roof certifications and why you should think about getting one.

What is a Roof Certification?

Roofing contractors issue roof certifications to verify that a roof is free of defects and is in sound condition. Roof certifications should indicate the number of years that your roofing contractor believes the roof will last in his or her professional opinion. In some cases, a roofing contractor will need to make repairs before certifying a roof.

What do Roofing Contractors Look for When Issuing a Roof Certification?

When performing a roof inspection to issue a roof certification, roofing contractors will take into consideration the type of roof, age, pitch, and the number of layers of shingles on the roof. They will look for any repairs needed for flashings or other areas where water might be able to penetrate the roof. They will closely inspect the ridge and individual shingles to be sure that everything is sealed properly and no nails are exposed. A roofing contractor will also check to be sure that the roof meets code requirements in all areas.

Why Should I Get a Roof Certification?

Roof certifications are common requirements of home sales. Mortgage lenders and home insurance companies will not lend money or insure a home with a bad roof. They also give home buyers peace of mind about the condition of the roof and a general opinion of its life expectancy. Since installing a roof can be one of the largest home maintenance expenses, a roof certification can show the home’s true value and allow for a smooth selling process.

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