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A traditional and truly distinctive material, natural slate tile roofing can elevate the look of your home and significantly boost your home’s value. With proper installation and maintenance, a slate tile roof can last over a century. A natural slate roof is made of overlapping  tiles that are cut from metamorphic rock derived from sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash. Slate tiles are available in varying shapes, thicknesses, and colors. Common slate colors include shades of grey, black, green, purple, and red. Slate roofs can also be composed of a mixed blend of colors. This type of roofing has been used for centuries. The natural stone material prevents water absorption and deterioration, making it one of the longest-lasting and most reliable roofing types available. Are you interested in learning more about slate roofing? Call us for a roofing evaluation today at (719) 487-7663.

Slate Tile Roofing

Natural Slate Tile Roofing

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