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Five-Year Roof Certifications

Roofing contractors issue roof certifications to verify that a roof is free of defects and is in sound condition. A five-year roof certification is a statement from a professional roofer that they find the roof to be watertight for the next five years. Five-year roof certifications are common requirements of real estate transactions. The cost of a five-year roof certification ranges from $125-$150 depending on the size and style of your roof. In some cases, a roofing contractor will need to make repairs before certifying a roof. If your roof does require a repair, the cost of the repair is charged separately. To learn more about five-year roof certifications, click here:     What is a Roof Certification and Why Should I Get One?

Roof Inspection Reports

Our detailed roof inspection reports are full of photos and information from a professional roofer regarding the condition of your roof. Our roof reports are more detailed than home inspector reports and are especially useful when selling or purchasing a home. Roof inspection reports are $199 for new customers and $100 for repeat customers.